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Halli. 18. Weirdo. Books/Art/Photography/Nature/Internet. Currently obsessed with dragons.
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  • carry-on-my-consulting-tardis:

    I have two moods 

    One is highly sophisticated intellectual who goes into complex thoughts and is always moody and deep

    the other is an immature 5 year old that doesn’t know how to control herself or her language or her actions

    there is no inbetween

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    • me: walks into living room
    • tv: tonight on how its made
    • me: stands in same spot for 30 minutes watching how garbage bags are made
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  • roommate requirements

    • willing to reenact the ‘where’s my supersuit’ scene from the incredibles with me at any point in time

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    If you haven’t stayed up until the early hours of the morning reading with your eyes itching and burning with tiredness and your vision blurred as you fight to stay awake to finish the book, you haven’t lived at all

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    the problem with money is too much of it belongs to people who aren’t me

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  • "I believe in the magic of books. I believe that during certain periods in our lives we are drawn to particular books—whether it’s strolling down the aisles of a bookshop with no idea whatsoever of what it is that we want to read and suddenly finding the most perfect, most wonderfully suitable book staring us right in the face. Unblinking. Or a chance meeting with a stranger or friend who recommends a book we would never ordinarily reach for. Books have the ability to find their own way into our lives."
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  • to all people out there







    isn’t it obvious who’s the monster ?

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